One of the challenges in teaching is to be creative. Students get bored easily and familiarity can get in the way of creative teaching.

I came across some interesting teaching strategies you can experiment in the classroom to shake things up or just to try something novel.

Correct it!

1) The first is called Erroneous Teaching.

This strategy will improve the critical thinking skills of your students. The setup is simple: You will intentionally insert incorrect information into your story or lesson.

The cool thing about this strategy is that the errors keep your students glued to you. It serves as a challenge for them.

Before you start, make it clear that you plan on “messing” things up.

The students can point out the mistakes as you go along or they can write down the errors and there can be a discussion on it afterwards.

creative teaching

2) Using Acronyms Creatively

Aside from using acronyms as a mnemonic tool, you can use it in the following creative manners:

– use in the beginning to introduce the topic or theme of the lesson

– used at the end to serve as summary of the lesson.

3) Tic-Tac-Toe Quiz Show

You can form 2 teams in your small class and quiz them through a Tic-Tac-Toe Quiz Show. Correct answers are rewarded with an X or O on the grid. Tally the points and the points can be traded in for prizes or privileges.



4) Scrambled Story

What you do here is make a copy of a story where the words are connected. That means no spaces, commas or periods at all.

What the students have to do is to separate each word and sentence in the story and provide proper punctuation where necessary.

The group will then put the story back into its proper form.


What are your creative teaching strategies?

Share them below in the comments below 🙂

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