Teaching English in the Philippines

English Language in high demand

The Philippines, one of the most populated countries in Southeast Asia, is a tropical country with over 7,000 islands. The weather here is wonderful especially in the summer as you can visit world-class beaches in Boracay and Palawan.

Teaching English here is popular as there are plenty of English language skills in need of teachers. A growing trend here is online English schools catering to Korean and Chinese students.

There are also English language schools catering to adults looking to work in call centers and BPOs. These companies require high English proficiency.

So if you are looking to teach adults, you can apply to these English language schools that cater to these service industries.

The country is also brimming with tutorial centers that cater to after school enrichment services for students. These students are looking to boost their grades so that they can run for honors or improve their scores to pass.

The pay is not that high, but you can do longer hours to earn more. There are also opportunities to work on the weekends to enhance your income further. Online English language schools also offer the opportunity to work in the late night or early morning to international students if you are the night owl type.


Based on my experience in teaching Filipino students, they are respectful, and they totally love to learn! They listen intently and will soak in everything the teacher teaches. It will be easy to warm up to them and establish a good learning environment. The class size will be manageable in most cases as sometimes the tutorial is one on one or in small group sessions like five to six students.

If you choose to supplement your income through online English teaching, you will be able to interact with Chinese, Korean or Japanese students looking to boost their language skills. Asians are serious in learning and learning a bit of their language will help build rapport with them. The preparation for these lessons will also be lesser as it is mostly conversational.

Teaching Strategies

If you are teaching kids in small groups or one-on-one, you should use tools like flashcards, charts and other visual devices that can make them active learners. Children love games so tap into that instinct and turn activities into games where they earn points and rewards. In small groups, you can divide the group into teams to make the lesson more interactive.

Online teaching is a bit more complicated so harnessing online tools and apps can make the learning session more fun and exciting. You can enhance writing activities with them using Google docs. You can also create online quizzes for them using tools like Kahoot and Nearpod. There are also apps where you can create flashcards for them to learn vocabulary words. Since most of the learning will be driven by conversations, you have to act animated and pronounce the words clearly so that they can boost their fluency in the language. You can also read aloud stories to them so that they can hear the words and expand their understanding.

Teaching adults will be more formal so you can practice scenario conversation, e.g. interview, or business meeting. You should also help polish their presentation skills so that they can perform well in front of an audience.

Final Thoughts

Being an English teacher is a wonderful profession. You open up a new world to your students as they are now able to navigate the internet and access the English resources as well as get to know more people since English is the standard medium of language for most countries.

Always seek to improve yourself and brush up always on grammar and spelling. Read plenty so that you get to develop your writing skills as well.

Is Your Classroom TPT-Ready?

Every classroom has its set of routines and practices so that it can run smoothly throughout the school year.


If we want to make a transition from a stand and deliver mode of teaching into more collaborative and engaging activity driven activities that involve students, then you need to develop a TPT (Total Participation Techniques) mindset.

tpt mindset

Having a TPT mindset makes us start thinking of how we can involve all students during discussions and not just a few handfuls who always raise their hands on almost every question we throw to the class.

To make your transition easy, you need to equip your students with the “TPT folder.”

TPT Folder

TPT envelope

Folders can be a simple pocket folders or envelopes. Your TPT folder must have the following materials inside:

  1. A laminated piece of light-colored construction paper – This will serve as a customized whiteboard for your students.
  2. A flannel square or sock – This serves as an eraser for your customized whiteboard.
  3. A dry-erase pen – Try to choose the ones with thin styles to cause less bulk in the envelope.
  4. True/Not True Hold-Up Cards – This hold-up card work for any content area and can repeatedly be used.
  5. Multiple-Choice Hold-Up – This simple hold-up also works for any content area and can regularly be used.
  6. Emotion Hold-Up Cards – This hold-up also works for any content area and can repeatedly be used.
  7. Decks of paper-clipped Number Cards – These cards can be used as hold up or simply for laying the numbers on student desks.
  8. A completed Appointment Agenda – This chart is useful for grouping students.
  9. The Processing Card – This card allows teachers to know where students are in their thinking.
  10. A laminated hundreds-chart – This chart is a useful tool for elementary-aged children, and it allows you to plan activities that build number sense.
  11. A laminated A-Z chart – This chart is useful for early childhood classrooms.
  12. Laminated-content related charts – You can also provide content-related charts like a periodic table, maps, conversion table, and others.
  13. A smaller envelope with pieces of scrap paper or index cards – These pieces of scrap papers is useful for Quick-Draws, Quick-Writes, and on-the-spot hold-ups.
  14. Bounce cards – These cards are useful for facilitating talk between students.
  15. Guided note-taking templates.

Box of Supplies

school supplies

Furthermore, to be TPT-conducive, you are going to need more than paper and pencils. You need to have your box of supplies filled with glue sticks and coloring materials. These boxes of materials are also applicable to be used in high school classrooms.

To be effective teachers, we need to love teaching first before loving our content. It is when we only enjoy what we do that we can be creative in designing engaging, fun, and challenging activities for our students.

We will be giving for free our TPT Bundle to those teachers who will attend our Total Participation Techniques Seminar Workshop on 5 and 19 August 2017. Another FREEBIE would be a planner customized for teachers 🙂 

Awesome Activity Pack for TPT-Ready Classrooms

If you’re interested, please fill in your details in this Google form. We will email you the payment details and how to reserve your slot. Only 12 slots for this seminar-workshop! Register and book your slot today!

As we will be opening a tutorial center, it will be held there. The name of the tutorial center is Bruner Learning Hub located in Maly, San Mateo.