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25 Interesting Activities Teachers Can Do This Summer Holiday

The school year 2017 came to its painful end. Oh well, I am so dramatic here, but aren’t we on the same page that we, teachers, sometimes feel that work just seems to pile up with the end so far out of sight? Even though we love our job and our students, we always look forward to those scorching months of March and April away from the humdrum of our teacher life.

If you are at the loose ends of thinking what to do this summer holiday, then it seems like you have visited the right page. I have compiled 25 ways you can do this summer. The holiday might be too short for you to recharge and gather your wits so waste no more time.

Tick any of the activities you find interesting, then grab your water bottle and snickers and off you go. Alternatively, maybe not right away, you might still need to some preparations depending on what activity or activities that caught your fancy.

25 Interesting things to do this summer!

  1. Go trekking. The Philippines is truly blessed with its superb natural beauty. For your trekking adventure, you can check Mt. Mayon, Mt. Taal, Mt. Pinatubo among others. You can visit Philippine Trails to have an idea what kind of trekking adventure you want to try.

pinatubo trekking2. Try scuba diving. Why not let your sleeves down and enjoy the pristine waters and our mesmerizing natural marine resources? You can tag along with your friends and decide where is the most convenient scuba diving spot for you all. Anilao, Batangas can be one of your lists as it is only a 2-hour drive from Manila (of course without traffic so try to head off early, AS IN EARLY!).

3.  Hit the beach. There are so many fantastic beaches you can visit. You can join the crowd in Boracay or Anawangin.

4. Try glamping. Tired of staycation, then pack up a few things, invite your friends and go glamping.

5. Go surfing. Feel the waves in Baler or Siargao.

6. Have a picnic with friends or family. Prepare your blankets and that yummy food before spending a leisure afternoon having a picnic with friends or family. You can go to Rizal Park, Quezon Memorial Circle, Burnham Park, and more.

7. Visit museums. Summer holiday is also a perfect time for you to be re-acquainted with your artsy self. I have read so many raving reviews about Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, so I included it is on my bucket lists. See Travel Up and read her review about this beautiful contemporary museum. Go for a bike ride. Pedal your way to

8. Go for a bike ride. Pedal your way to La Mesa Nature Reserve or at UP Diliman Trails.

10. Go on a nature walk. Take it easy and calm your nerves by taking a walk at La Mesa Eco Park or Fort Bonifacio.

11. Visit your local library. Nothing beats the quiet solace of a library. Go to Quezon City Library or at the National Library.

12. Indulge your reading craving. Holiday or not, I heart reading. This vacation is a perfect opportunity to cross-out some in your reading list. For chick lit lover, I recommend “One Plus One” by Jojo Moyes. If you are into serious literature, you can read the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, “The Sympathizer” by Viet Thanh Nguyen. In nonfiction, check out “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

13. Play board games in the afternoon. Spend some lazy afternoons with your family by playing board games. Nothing beats Scrabble or Monopoly partnered with refreshing iced tea and yummy snacks on the side. By the way, what’s your favorite ‘merienda’?


13. Go to the gym. If you want to have your beach body ready for next summer, then go and hit the gym now. I am a lifetime member of Slimmer’s World and trust me, the number of times I have been there won’t make it a lifetime.

14. Go on a food trip. Rushed meals are so typical for teachers due to hectic schedule and tons of paperwork during the school year. Hence, summer is the time for you to savor and enjoy each bite. Try to visit Maginhawa St for your next food trip. Check out this blog post to know some of the food places in Maginhawa St.

15. Learn to play any musical instrument. It is always never too late to learn something new. So whether you want to strum a guitar or play piano, the summer holiday is a perfect time to enroll in a music school near you.

16. Learn how to bake. You can install BigOven or Yummly Recipes and Shopping List on your phone. It is available both on Android and Apple.


17. Learn how to cook. Try spicing your dinner by trying out new recipes. There are so many new recipes that you can try. You can also use the apps I mentioned in the previous number.

18. Try yoga. As a beginner, you can try these yoga poses for beginners found in here. It would be great if you attend a class. However, if you are not feeling confident with the group as you try your feel of the poses, you can start at home and do simple yoga poses.

19. Drink Smoothies. Being healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. You can mix your own nutritious and yummy smoothies. You can try these mixes.

20. Indulge your cravings with “halo-halo”. Have you tried Razon’s “halo-halo”? You can visit these places described in Candid Cuisine for some best-tasting halo halo around the metro.

halo halo

21. Sleep. We, teachers, are mostly sleep-deprived during the school year. We can use this summer holiday to indulge ourselves in that long, undisturbed sleep. No irritating alarm to douse us off our rem sleep.

22. Visit churches around the metro. Holy Week coincides with the summer break. You can visit some of the impressive churches around Manila like San Agustin Church.

23. Revamp old lessons. Preparing early for the next school year is also not a bad idea. It can release stress especially when you’re nearing the opening of the school year. Get those old lesson plans or lesson notes you have. Find ways on how you can improve those lessons based on the reflections you made.

24. Enjoy window shopping. Shopping is expensive so just window shop. Adhere to minimalism. Aircon during the day will break your purse, so go to the nearest mall to your home and chill. Just don’t buy unnecessary stuff.

25. Quench your thirst for PD. You can also brush up your knowledge on pedagogy and best practices in the classroom. I’m sure there are some seminars scheduled even during vacation. Try to save up for The Filipino Teacher’s, first seminar workshop on engaging students in the classroom. This will also be our first time to meet and share ideas with you. Together, we will embark on a learning journey to improve our skills in teaching and our best practices in the classrooms. Place your details here in this google form and we’ll send you how to reserve your seat!

There are so many things to explore, experience, and learn during summer holidays. Don’t be a couch potato. Don’t kill too much time watching Netflix. Explore your community. Go out there and experience life.

Do you find any of the suggestions fascinating? What is it? What do you intend to do this vacation? Please post your comment below and share your summer escapade with us.

Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops running Google’s Chrome browser and offering a more traditional laptop functionality than tablets. Due to their affordability, Chromebooks are brilliant investments if you are thinking of maximizing the use of technology in your classes.



Chromebooks rely heavily on Google Suite applications. The devices do not have plenty of memory, but they are tied to cloud services, which means that data are accessible even if students use different Chromebook or laptop at home.

Here are the reasons why your school should use Chromebooks to facilitate learning:

Practical and durable Chromebooks

These devices are easy to use and are structurally robust, making them more resistant to damage, and thus are excellent to be used by kids who are less careful of their things. Chromebooks are light and you can easily bring them around. 

They are light and you can easily bring them around. 

Another reason why Chromebooks are highly recommended in education is because of their battery life. Battery life can last for 8 to 10 hours, which saves the teachers the trouble of charging the devices during breaks. Since Chromebooks are low-maintenance, teachers can focus more on their teaching preparations. 

Chromebooks are low-maintenance, teachers can focus more on their teaching preparations

Chromebooks are built for students

Technology in school has shown an increase in engagement of the students rather than distract them. With the right devices, effective integration of technology in lessons will be carefully mapped out by the teachers.

There are several educational tools that educators can use in their class to keep the students interested in the lesson.

Collaboration is made easy through the use of Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Moreover, since Chromebooks are integrated with cloud-based storage, files and work done by the students can be accessible even if they use another device. They just need to log in their email. 

Moreover, since Chromebooks are integrated with cloud-based storage, files and work done by the students can be accessible even if they use another device. They just need to log in their email. 

Since it only uses the internet and google applications, it does not get bogged down with programs and other unnecessary data and apps that can slow down the processes.

Helpful in career preparation

Studies show that using computers in class help students develop higher order skills of critical thinking and analysis. They can scientifically inquire and actively engaged to the real-world contexts.

Educators instill work habits early on to the students as these students prepare for their future career paths.


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