About TFT

The Filipino Teacher.Com was created to empower the Filipino Teachers.

It seeks to be the ultimate online resource for teachers and to help them become world class teachers.

It will feature resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets, and other teaching tools  to aid the teacher in the classroom and in his/her professional development.

It will also regularly update teachers about education and teaching trends as well as feature job opportunities in the teaching field and seminars for professional development.

Eventually, it will become the hub of choice for Filipino Teachers to network and learn from each other.

Of course, teachers of other nationalities will also benefit from the site and can contribute their knowledge and experience to the teaching community.

The Filipino Teacher will bring Teaching to a whole new level in line with the changing times.

Our core values are excellence, service and love.

We strive to live our core values to spark a revolution  in the education system and the consciousness of our world.


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Thanks You!

Argee Abadines, Founder and Chief Content Engineer



  1. hello mr argee,
    as a teacher dedicated to the profession, you surely must know that learning management systems (LMS) such as moodle and blackboard have been used for the longest time. ( we used it at DLSU when i was still teaching).
    there are many reasons why the use of LMS has not been widespread and they’re probably well known to you.

    as a personal advocacy, i put up scholare (www.scholare.org) to promote its use by high school teachers in math and science courses. i am writing here to make a public invitation to teachers to use scholare digital classrooms.

    thank you very much for allowing me to make this pitch.

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