Learntalk Facilitates Teacher Training Program for Jesuit Volunteers Philippines

The Philippines prides itself as an English-speaking nation and as one of the world’s hub for outsourcing and call center companies, English proficiency is a key skill that needs to be honed. Teachers need to continuously update themselves so that they can be great models of the English language to their students. This includes modeling fluency, correct usage of vocabulary and using proper grammar.

Fortunately, there are organizations like Learntalk, an Edtech organization providing language tuition online. Their overarching belief and mission is “English is for Everyone.”

Nicolo Luccini, Learntalk founder and CEO, said, “We want to improve the level of English instruction in this country, given the developmental, economic and social benefits of fluency in English.”

Learntalk provides this one-day intensive course aimed at helping teachers who don’t have the resources to go avail of professional development courses and seminars. Learntalk recently facilitated an intensive English teacher training program for the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation (JVPFI, Inc.) last Thursday, May 25, 2017 which was held at the Claretian Missionary Sisters in Quezon City. The teachers learned how to improve the learning experience in the classroom as well as how to create an effective lesson plan using the standards set by the British Council.

The JVPFI, Inc. is an Ateneo-supported foundation that sends volunteers for developmental work across the country and is currently preparing to send its 38th batch to Mindanao to do work on education, socio-economic and youth related sectors.

Luccini on the JVPFI said, “They have been sending out teaching volunteers for four decades to educate and support some of the poorest communities in some of the remotest areas in the Philippines. None of them have any formal ESL background, so it was an opportunity for us to help them by sharing our skills and teaching methodology. Hopefully, this will augment their impact when they are deployed.”

Valery Joaquin, Head of Training and Development for Learntalk, said, “Most students get bored when their teachers give long lectures. We encourage all our teachers to teach by asking questions, never to lecture. We want our students to do the talking; it’s okay if they make mistakes, that’s how you learn. This keeps the students engaged and is the key to rapid language acquisition.”

Learntalk is also giving subsidized English lessons to foundations and other government institutions in line with its quest to achieve its mission of improving English for all, including internationally with the help of technology.

Nicolo said, “We have just signed a contract with the Uruguayan government to stream live professional English into all public schools. Language development is one of the key drivers of social mobility. With the help of technology, we aim to democratize access to quality language teachers around the world.”

With these initiatives, Learntalk is making its mission felt in both the private and public sectors.

Below are some pictures from the event:





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