TFT Educator Spotlight: Leah Ruiz Bagarin

I’m happy to give the spotlight to another fellow educator, Mam. Leah Ruiz Bagarin 🙂
1. Give us a little background of your teaching career. (e.g. years of teaching, subjects taught) 
I’m in the field of teaching for seventeen years , my first school was Bloomfield Academy I taught there for 7 years , and now St. Anthony school I’m serving this school for 10 years now. I am handing Arts, Pe, and Health for grades school up to grade11.
2. What do you love most about teaching?
I love most in teaching the way I share my knowledge and expertise.
3. What do you dislike about teaching? 
Perhaps “salary”
4. What is your favorite teaching strategy or activity for your subject? 
In PE we are more on practical activities.
5. What are some lessons you have learned from your students?
Learn also to listen to them.
6. How do you recharge or destress from the challenges of teaching?
I go travel domestic and international.
7. Are you using technology to enhance your teaching? What tools do you use?
Yes , Youtube , Google , PPT
8. What advice would you give to beginning teachers?
Enhance classroom management … let students obey them with respect and maintain the wall of student – teacher.
9. What are some of the things you do to improve your teaching? 
I am open for self- improvement which would help increase my craft.
10. Do you have an education blog or twitter account for educators to follow?  Nope  but I use to follow some educational FB group.
Argee Abadines
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