Infographic: Classroom Management in the Digital Age

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Tweet, Text, and Teach: Classroom Management in the Digital Age

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Argee Abadines
Argee Abadines is the founder and chief content engineer of this website. He is a brain based educator and his educational interests are pedagogy, higher order thinking, creativity, and educational technology. He is also the founder of Bruner Learning Hub. He currently teaches high school business studies and economics. Previously, he taught English to primary students. He reads up regularly about trends in education and online media. You can visit his personal blog at

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  1. I can say that the generation today; our generation, is fortunate enough with the advancement of technology we have. Giving the task its very easiest way like how we tend to just type on google what we want to know which is very unsimilar to the past. So as how technology changes the teaching and learning in so many ways. These changes gave emphasis to the learners as to how they tend to grasp on every opportunity the teacher gives them in enhancing their abilities. Thus, A classroom management that is present nowadays really plays a vital role in the learning process and the greatest challenge is served to the teachers. Having in mind what is right and best for her students. Christopher Fox, did really set its point well. In providing awareness to every possible tool that is necessary in learning. Also to include the tips that would help us, future edutors to be more efficient in our future profession, I would be very mindful of what I have read from above.

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