5 Presentation Strategies Bro. Bo Sanchez can teach Teachers

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Bro Bo Sanchez is one of the most prolific speakers in the Philippines and perhaps even globally. He is the founder of the Light of Jesus community and has been an excellent speaker and author on personal development as well as financial literacy.

When I get to hear him speak during the FEAST sessions,  he always gets my full attention because of his presentation strategies.

I identified five things that we can learn from him to become better presenters. As teachers, we are often in the classroom trying to deliver a message to our students.

As Dan Pink would say, “One core component of teaching is to present ideas. To sell ideas. ”

1. Passion

Bo Sanchez is a passionate person. It shows up in how he talks, how he jokes around, and how he presents his ideas, verbal or non-verbal.

passion for presentation strategies

In teaching, you need to be passionate about the subject you teach. As they enthusiasm is contagious. The odds of our students getting excited about our subject increases when we are passionate about our subject. So let’s get passionate and let it radiate in our classes.

2. Humor

In his talks, he often uses humor to get the audience comfortable and to relate to him. His jokes are easy to understand and sometimes, he jokes about himself, in a good way. This makes it easy to relate to him.


In our classes, let’s strive to inject humor. This is a brain-based learning technique, and it keeps the atmosphere in the classroom positive. One thing you can do is to build a directory of anecdotes and jokes that could be relevant to your subject. So all we have to do is to inject it at the proper time or when things are getting too serious in your class.

3. Structure

His talks have a clear structure. His main ideas are often distilled into three main points that are easy to remember. Also, part of his delivery includes the use of excellent materials and props to drive home his points well.

Just like our lesson plans, we need to have some structure when we deliver our lesson. We need to simplify it to the level of our students so that they can relate. We should avoid bombarding our students with too much information. Keep the key ideas around 3-5 per session. In this way, retention would be much higher.

4. Rehearsal

Bro Bo Sanchez rehearses for his talks. He practices. He makes it seems so easy because there was lots of preparation behind his talks.

This one is probably hard to do with the time constraints teachers suffer. But if we have the opportunity to practice and rehearse, then let’s do it. It will make our classes much more polished, and better learning would likely happen.

5. Repetition

Bro Bo likes to repeat his main ideas. In fact, he sometimes asks the audience to repeat his main points. So all throughout his talk, he repeats his ideas and uses a lot of metaphors or examples to make the ideas more sticky. The other day, he used the idea of eating frogs as our way against procrastination of our most important tasks for the day. So when we start the stay, we should be eating our frogs (doing our most important tasks for the day). Now, that image totally stuck to my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

As teachers, we should repeat our main ideas throughout our presentation so that our students don’t forget it. We should also test often our key learning objectives. One could be right after, then after a day, then after a week. In this way, the material becomes long term material for our students.


Your turn, have you been to any of the talks of Bro Bo Sanchez? What can you recommend to add to this list?

What other best practices do great speakers use? Share your presentation strategies below.

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