A review of ClassDojo- Classroom Management App

ClassDojo is a popular classroom management app. I have been testing it in my classroom for the past weeks and I’d like to share my thoughts on it. We do know classroom management is critical to our success in the classroom so let’s see how this classroom app can help us achieve that.

Classdojo app

Benefits/Uses of ClassDojo:

1. If you have a merit/demerit system in your school, ClassDojo would fit nicely. You can monitor the good and bad behaviors of students so you can address them.

2. They provide individual reports for each student. You will be able to determine their strengths and weaknesses in terms of behavior. From there, you can continue to reinforce the good behavior by praising them privately about it. As for the negative behavior, you can sit down and work with the student on how to improve or eliminate that behavior.

Regular Feedback
Regular Feedback

3. You can encourage class participation by giving them points when they contribute or give effort in a class discussion. A lot of students get an adrenaline rush getting points. Also, instead of their photos, the students are represented by monster avatars so they can change it regularly.

Give points!
Give points!

4. You can help them be aware that you give minus points for behavior that is not acceptable in the classroom. In theory, the Classdojo screen should be on the projector screen so that they can see real-time feedback on how they are doing in class.

5. The reports are accessible to the students AND parents. They can monitor how they are doing and their parents can also remind them to do better or to praise them if they are getting lots of positive points.


Recently, they enhanced further the app by adding a function that allows you to check attendance! I think it’s a great function and you can easily track the attendance of your students.

So far, I’m happy with the app, and will continue to use it.

If you’ve been using this app as well, please share your experience and comments about it 🙂


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