How to Make Money with your Lesson Plans and Instructional Materials

Founder’s Note: This is a guest post from Stephen Gonzalvo, founder of an upcoming marketplace (TEACHERS EARNING ONLINE) for teacher lesson plans and materials. It’s an exciting and promising venture.

Opportunity for Teachers to Earn while Sharing Knowledge

As a teacher, there are a couple of things that you need to deal with. Among these are managing the students in class, presenting your instructional materials in a way that is understandable to students, and evaluating your students’ performance.

One of the most difficult tasks, however, is preparing lesson plans for class.  Preparing lesson plans is a daily activity which can take so much time.  On average, a teacher needs at least a couple of hours to prepare a lesson plan for one class. Some teachers say that they need a couple of days to finish a perfectly good lesson plan.  The task gets more complicated if you are teaching two or three different subjects in different grade levels.

Back then, a teacher needs to be innovative and use the small amount of time he has to come up with good and meaningful lesson plans for his students every day.  In many cases, teachers have to sacrifice so much just to prepare for their class the following day.



Buying Lesson Plans Online

What if there is a website that can help you get that lesson plan for your class the next day in just minutes? In this website, you can choose lesson plans and other instructional materials which you need for all your class.

This way, you will save a lot of time and avoid all that stress by buying it from a colleague who has been teaching that subject for years.   You can also get new ideas from your colleagues that can help you revise and improve your own lesson plan.

Selling your Lesson Plans Online

Let us go a bit further.  What if you have existing lesson plans which you update every year?  Let us say, you keep these lesson plans and instructional materials which are products of your hard work and dedication to your profession.

You have been sharing these lesson plans to your colleagues for quite some time and they have recognized you for it.

What if you there is a website that will allow you to sell those lesson plans. Would it not be great if you will earn extra cash from the fruits of your labor?

money online

How Teachers Earning Online (TEO) can Help our beloved teachers

Teachers Earning Online (TEO) can help teachers get access to hundreds of lesson plans that they need for their class. At the same time, TEO can help entrepreneurial-minded teachers to earn from sharing their knowledge.  TEO believes that there is wealth in sharing knowledge.  Teachers are also entitled earn while doing the things that they love to do.

Teaching is a noble profession and the teachers are our unsung heroes.  But they do not have to be martyrs to do what is expected of them.

With the power of the Internet, there are a lot more opportunities now for teachers to prepare their lesson plans the easy way.  Teachers can still be effective without sacrificing so much of their time.

Nowadays, teachers do not have to burn the midnight oil just to finish one lesson plan.

There is no better time to become entrepreneurs than today.  With the tools available now, enterprising teachers can take advantage of their skills and expertise to be recognized in their field by their colleagues and to earn extra bucks from their hard work.

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