The Weekly Teacher’s Notepad: 10 Professional Development Links to Click

The Teacher’s Notepad is reactivated πŸ™‚ Every Saturday, TFT will post 10 useful teaching links for you.

Our hope is that you will find something useful in the 10 links and websites to check out which you can use in your classroom or at the very least make you reflect on your teaching philosophy and methodology.

Teacher's Notepad


Educational Technology

Learning will be personalized and virtual and mobile technologies will put learning at the hands of students.

  • TED-Ed

TED produces the most inspiring talks. Now they are helping change the landscape of Education through TED Ed. Awesome videos as springboard to a topic or as discussion starter.

  • Integrating Social Media into your Classroom
Connect with your students through social media! Here are 25 ideas on how you can do it.
From the TFT Archives: Spotlight on Khan Academy

Student Engagement

  • 10 things that engages students
One of the challenges a teacher always face is how to engage the students. What gets them excited and interested in a class? Here are 10 things straight from the kids.
  • 7 tips to get your students On Task and Engaged
Β Yes, your students might be doing the tasks you have set. But are they engaged? Here are 7 tips to help you do that.
From the TFT Archives: 5 Fun Ways to Engage your Students
  • Best Practices in Project Based Learning
Students love projects. It’s highly engaging to them. Here are things to consider to implement great projects for your students.
  • How to Improve Teacher Questions
You spend a great deal of time in the classroom asking your students about your subject matter. Here are 3 tips to improve your questioning prowess.
  • Rethinking Education
A thought provoking post on whether we are really fostering creativity and critical thinking skills in our classrooms.
School Management
  • How do you retain good teachers?
Yes, Pay is important but school culture is critical too for keeping good teachers.
Classroom Management
  • Dealing with Angry Students
Do your students have anger management problems? Here are 6 tips on how to deal with angry students.

Instructional Design

  • What Instructional Designers can learn from Storytellers
Teachers are also instructional designers. Here’s what you can learn from storytellers when you design your materials.
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