6 Powerful Ways to Start Your Lesson

One of the teaching strategies a teacher should develop and master is the art of the great start. Getting the student’s attention right at the onset is crucial for having a smooth class.

In Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov, one of the strategies master teachers use is The Hook. This is the short introductory moment that captures what’s interesting and engaging about the material and puts it out front.

The Hook should be energetic and positive as well to promote good energy and good vibes at the beginning.

In typical lesson plans, this is usually termed as Motivation.

The Art of the Start

Let’s go through 6 powerful and fun starts to a topic or lesson:


Children love stories. In fact, even us, adults, stories enchant, especially good stories. We remember stories easily because it touches our hearts and enchants our souls.

Teacher Idea:

Make up fun stories that leads directly to the material you want to teach. For example, if you teach math operations, you can devise characters and plots to explain what happens in the different operations.


Think up of analogies that connects to the lives of your students. Know your students well so that you can try to link up what they are familiar with to your topics and lessons. For example, if your students have been in the MRT during rush hour, that’s how molecules in solids are like.


Teaching is very much like drama. It’s your stage and you’re free to bring out the actor/actress in you by bringing props for your teaching performance.

Try to connect props you have around lying around your home to your subject matter content. Be creative on how you can use them.


Pictures. Videos. Music.

Carefully chosen multimedia pieces can be a great start to your topic. Just make sure it is relevant and make it short especially if it is a video or music. If it’s too long, it could drag and make your students focus.

Tap Youtube , Khan Academy and  TED Ed Videos for this strategy 🙂


The key word here is Greatest. Describe what is great about your topic. Highlight what is great and awesome about it and it’s highly likely that your students will be enchanted or their imaginations will be   tickled by your description.

For example, you can talk about Shakespeare being the greatest playwright or Marco Polo as the greatest explorer ever.


Students love challenge. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, challenge would be in the upper part of the hierarchy.

So by issuing a decent challenge related to your material at the onset can get their focus and attention immediately.


So there, 6 awesome strategies to start your lesson right 🙂

Which strategies are your favorite to use in class? What other strategies do you use to get your class motivated for your material?

Share them in the comments below!

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Argee Abadines
Argee Abadines is the founder and chief content engineer of this website. He is a brain based educator and his educational interests are pedagogy, higher order thinking, creativity, and educational technology. He is also the founder of Bruner Learning Hub. He currently teaches high school business studies and economics. Previously, he taught English to primary students. He reads up regularly about trends in education and online media. You can visit his personal blog at pinoyminimalist.com

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  1. It’s nice to see a post like this that outlines the teaching strategies we do to start our lesson. We teachers do this all the time but when you see it like this written then you realize, “Hey I always start my lesson with a story. How about I start using prestige this time?”

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