Every Educator Should Be On Twitter + 10 Educators to Follow

I have been actively using Twitter for several months now and I am starting to appreciate it for what its worth. After going to the Iblog8 summit last weekend and hear edtechguro lament on the lack of local educators on twitter and having their own blogs, I want to encourage more teachers to tweet and blog.

Initially I had a headache using it, as the feed was fast and furious. It was hard to keep up. I barely could understand hastags.  Random people or should I say bots come and follow you and send you some stupid links. I have learned to discern authentic accounts and I follow selectively.


So why Twitter?

  • Great links to education news and resources
  • Connect and Network with Teachers all over the world
  • Share ideas on teaching and education
  • Drive traffic to your blog/website
  • Inspiring quotes on education
  • Build a professional learning network
  • Challenge your creativity (you can only post 140 characters for each tweet)
  • Share information easily to your network
  • Join Twitter Chats related to Education

So there, plenty of benefits to using Twitter.

Here are 10 International Educators to Follow on Twitter.

My criteria for choosing them include:

1) They are influential, i.e. a lot of followers

2) They provide relevant and useful content

3) They engage their followers.

I know there are plenty of great educators online and I have only scratched the surface of Twitter world, but here are 10 International Educators to follow as a start 🙂

1) https://twitter.com/#!/ShellTerrell

Education thought-provoker, The 30 Goals Challenge author, International Speaker, #Edchat founder, Host for AM TESOL Free Fri Webinars, SC Mgr @TheConsultantsE


Just a guy who likes to write and speak on education, technology and all things nerdy. The ‘Lady Gaga’ of teaching.


Inner-city High School teacher — ESL & Mainstream

Sacramento, CA · http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/


Junior High Assistant Principal using social media & tech as professional growth tools; growing & developing through group collaboration & sharing of ideas.


Educator, Speaker, Blogger, #Edchat Co-Creator, #140ConfCharacter, Edublogs Twitterer Of The Year, ASCD Emerging Leader. Do You Use Social Media In Education?


I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years and love sharing with other teachers. I have a passion for the brain, kids, learning, singing, and the Red Sox.


Best teacher blog award winner, co-founder- Flat Classroom Projects, Conference, Digiteen, NetGenEd, known as the Wikinator by my students, author


Head Teacher Science at a Sydney high school, technology enthusiast, gamer. All tweets are my own opinions & doesn’t represent my employer’s views


I believe these 2words can change the world – #YouMatter – I’m an Educator, Author, Speaker passionate about literacy, learning, and power of social media


Principal of New Milford HS (NJ): NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Google Certified Teacher, ASCD Conference Scholar, Author, Speaker


Yes, please follow us on Twitter too 🙂

Are you an educator on Twitter? Please share your twitter id below so we can follow you 🙂 Share also how you use Twitter as an Educator.

Do you have other recommendations as to who to follow on Twitter? Share them in the comments below.



  1. This is a great idea! I’ve actually found twitter to also be a good source of information. That’s why I’m also selective with the people that I follow. It’s always best to follow those who are relevant, though-provoking yet humbling.

  2. I use twitter to follow the news and sporting events though I also follow certain people who would be providing interesting updates.

  3. Twitter can be a great educational tool, too! Nice list of international educators to follow. 🙂

  4. Until now, I don’t know how to use twitter… but after reading this blog, maybe I should try exploring this social media! Thanks for the info!

  5. Wow, I haven’t been using twitter that much but I think I should support your cause that educators should be in Twitter, too. At least we could use technology for good purpose.

  6. Twitter has become a trend. sometimes news travels faster than television in twitter. i used twitter to connect with my students most of the time. 🙂

  7. Yes, i agree… with the techie students we have nowadays… teachers should also use technology as an effective medium of learning… NICE! back in college… my profs really make use of online mediums… and i think its quite effective…

  8. The ‘lady Gaga’ of teaching? Hmnn… I am seeing some contrast between the artist and the profession. Now I’m curious.

  9. I love Twitter 🙂 you can learn everything and even includes school and other related subjects 🙂

  10. Twitter is a bit overwhelming at times. Nice of you to make a list of interesting educators to follow.

  11. Everyone should really be on twitter. 😀

  12. hahahaha. I’m on twitter and I’m a teacher.

  13. It took me long before I got myself into twitter world. Couldn’t figure out why more people loved it than fb. Now I know; it’s more active and updated. And with so many people doing the twittercast, you get the news in real time and I find it really great.

  14. the truth is I haven’t keep up also in twitter the feed was so fast that makes my eyes so dizzy on every users update shame on me

  15. it’s great to know twitter has been used as a medium to teach or share knowledge. i might consider shifting to twitter but i am finding it hard to keep up with too many tweets per minute 🙂

  16. I like it when social media is put to good use, such as improving education. 🙂

  17. glad to be in twitter, too:)

  18. Actually Twitter is a great help to be in the know. I just haven’t been active there.. XD

  19. i use twitter to follow friends, learn daily snippets about their lives, follow the news and even celebrities. it’s just amazing that 140 characters per post can really make a statement already.

  20. Indeed, Twitter is a very helpful tool in disseminating information. Sad I was not able to attend this year’s iBlog.

  21. I agree! Kids these days follow celebrities and engage themselves quite decidingly, if teachers would be on twitter, they can influence these kids too…and trend. 😉

  22. Good to know social networking is put into good use such as this. And it’s interesting that educators are also into this.

  23. Twitter indeed has established its good use. Good to know educators are also present and active in today’s fast paced technology.

  24. I’ve been using twitter for two months now and I am still catching up 🙂 I am more into facebook-ing but I will certainly appreciate its worth more and more in the coming days. Thanks to my cousin who taught me how to have one 🙂

  25. I used twitter for me to let it out my emotions and thru twitter I know what’s happening with the world and other people! 🙂

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