Online Resource Highlight: The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is one of the projects creating the future of education. It literally is leading the charge for the flipped classroom. A game changer.


Learning at our Fingertips

Salman Khan, a former Hedge Fund analyst decided to turn his advanced math knowledge into video form for his cousins. It sparked a learning revolution and has since become a staple online resource for many schools. Now, it has over 3000 videos on various subject matters including math, the different sciences and even economics and finance.

The Khan Academy is backed up by Google and the Bill Gates Foundation.

Here are the cool features of the Khan Academy:

1) Extensive video library. Over 3000 videos. All videos in this gigantic video library are interactive and fun to watch. Each video is bite size and lasts for around 10 minutes only, which is very in line with brain based teaching. Students can easily access them outside the classroom with an internet connection on their mobile device.

2) Problem Solving, Drills, and Exercises to help students master the sub skills. All the scores and duration spent on the exercises can be tracked by the teacher using Khan’s Academy Learning Statistics that tracks each student’s learning progress. It gives a comprehensive picture of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The best part is that everything is self-paced. There is no pressure for the slower kids to catch up always with the faster ones and the faster ones can go at a pace they are comfortable with.

3) The Khan Academy also makes use of A map of knowledge. It gives a macro look of all the challenges, skills and concepts. By following the map and completing them all, your students can declare they have mastery over the topics they have covered.

This is excellent because there is immediate feedback and there is the element of challenge and satisfaction in completion of Β problem solving challenges. These factors motivate learners in doing more and gaining more mastery.

4) It’s a game! You earn badges for completion of challenges and tests. That’s it! I’m going to join this academy πŸ™‚ This is clearly the future of education.


Check out the TED video of Salman Khan:

Using Video to Reinvent Education: Salman Khan

Visit the Khan Academy and try it out yourself before introducing it to your students:

Khan Academy


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Argee Abadines
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  1. wow i admit i can’t understand anything from this since I’m not a geeky person or whatever you call it! but then, good luck to you blog! and its a way to go info for everyone! xx

  2. Thanks also for featuring this. I think it is one of the methods where teaching in terms of association are being used to kids in the prep and grade schools.

  3. This Khan Academy sounds interesting! I have to agree with you that creating the future of education through gaming is the next big thing!

  4. Online learning is so in today. I remember my former college batchmate getting some courses in stanford. I hope to learn more of these in the future. Thanks for the heads-up on KHAN. πŸ™‚

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