From Courtroom to Classroom : 32 Teaching Ideas from the Impeachment Trial

It is the talk of the town and center of media attention. The impeachment case against Supreme Chief Justice Corona has citizens abuzz with opinions either for or against this issue. Moreover, this single current event can inspire a wealth of teaching ideas.

Below is a rundown of classroom activities related to the impeachment case which can be used as springboard for classroom discussion from the elementary to the college classroom.

Impeachment Trial

Reading and Language

1. Debates
2. Fact vs. Opinion
3. Reading about the life of Chief Justice Corona (or any influential figure)
4. Writing a persuasive essay
5. Analyzing different propaganda devices
6. Oration
7. Reading about the lives of the senators
8. Reading about impeachment cases throughout the world
9. Main Idea and Supporting Details

1. Money and Interest
2. Statistics- conducting a survey (regarding the impeachment)
3. creating timelines

Social Studies
1. Branches of Government
2. Concept of Check and Balance
3. Rights and Duties of Government Officials
4. Filing Saln
5. Debates
6. Power of Corporations
7. researching about the life of the senators
8. Bank Laws
9. Land Registration
10. Role of Register of Deeds
11. Constitution
12. Public Officials and Accountability

1. Searching for the Truth
2. Prayer in times of National Crisis
3. The Stand of the Church in Political Crisis throughout the Years
4. Discipline/Objectivity
5. Courtesy and Respect

Science and Technology
1. History of Technology in Delivering News
2. Computer-Generated Land Registration Titles

The key to a significant and relevant learning is to ensure that there is a smooth transition from the discussion on the impeachment case to these activities. When this is done, these classroom activities will definitely be a big hit.


Do you have any teaching ideas wherein you can tap the impeachment trial as a springboard? Share them in the comments below 🙂

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Macy graduated from Philippine Normal University with a degree in Elementary Education. She ranked first in the 2007 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Just recently, she finished her Masters in Teaching Reading at the same university. She is currently a Reading teacher in an all-girls school. Her interests range from writing to art to politics to fashion. She believes in being an educator in the truest sense of the word and her dream teaching session is to gather her students and teach Socratic style under a mango tree.


    1. Yes, I understand your point and agree that sometimes, we complicate things.

      However, we can always adjust and adapt so that we can use different resources for teaching.

  1. For classroom discussion – highschool level
    graft and corruption – our youth needs to know why graft and corruption exists in the government.
    nepotism – why kamag anak unlimited should not take posts in government offices

  2. For students on all levels:

    Values education -” Respect others as you want others to respect you.” During the impeachment, the endless debate on the issue at hand brought a lot of controversies because of differences in opinions and point of deliberation… prosecution team and the senator judges somehow have lost their professionalism. They ought to disrespect each other to prove their individual point.

    1. Hi, Mari!

      Thanks for your thoughts. Indeed, Values Education should be emphasized more than anything in the classroom. If anything, this recent controversy can at least spark awareness among all of us.

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