Teacher’s Notepad Series #2

Teachers Notepad


Welcome to the Teacher’s Notepad Series #2.

Here we bring you weekly links to awesome reads, interesting teacher resources, learning events, job links, as well as other useful things you can benefit from.

If you missed the first one, go have a look at the first notepad series.



Today’s generation is the digital generation. It is important we are able to connect and understand them by knowing what they use and know online. Here are 6 quick ways you can be as tech savvy as your students according to Jeff Dunn of edudemic.


The K-12 Program of Department of Education has had plenty of advocates and critics. Here’s a good discussion summary of the issues surrounding the K-12 Basic Education Program by Sarah Katrina Maramag.

What’s your take on the K-12 program? Share your comments below.


The department of Education also recently said that the teaching of Science will only be explicitly taught from Grade 3 onwards only. This move was slammed by Philippine Scientists. Here’s a good article from GMA news discussing why this move has been strongly criticized. What’s your take on this? Share it below on the comments.


Reading Fiction is highly beneficial according to research by Keith Oatley. She says reading fiction improves our social skills, builds empathy in us and may gradually alter our personality for the good.


I hope you have read the article, 7 ways to ace your teaching interview. Interviews are not perfect. There can at least 50 problems with interviews, as Dr. John Sullivan Explores.

If I were to design the curriculum for IT for students, these technology skills would be in that curriculum.



Want to travel to the World Famous Rice Terraces and help restore it? Be a Weekend Warrior!

The Culture and the Arts is important to the country and it helps develop creativity and patriotism. Join the 2nd National Conference on Culture and Arts on April 11-13.

Attention Math Teachers! The 4th MTAP National Conference on Mathematics Education will be held in Baguio from April 25 to 28.

Science Teachers will also have their 6th National Science Educators Convention in Baguio from May 18-20.

If you are a music teacher, you should check out the National Forum and Workshop in Music Education to be held from April 11-13 in UP College of Music.

Talks from a partnership of Yuchengco Museum and Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines brings to the public talks on Blogging, SEO, and writing seminars tied up to culture and the arts



Facebook can be a powerful social media tool that can be tapped in the classroom. But it’s probably blocked in your school, so here’s a private social media network tool you can explore:

EDMODO is a private social media network to allow students and teachers to collaborate, share content, access homework and other information. Parents can also be part of this learning community.



1) Southville International School and Colleges- Basic Education Teachers

2) The Learning Library – Reading Coaches

3) Kids Brain Advanced Learning Company- Preschool Teacher

4) Good Shepherd Cathedral School- Basic Education Teachers

5) St. Claire Fountain of Knowledge- Basic Education Teachers

6) STI College- Fort Bonifacio- Faculty



This is an inspiring commencement speech by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most powerful women in the world. It’s directed to women but I think everyone can learn a thing or two from her 🙂

We try at Facebook to keep all of our employees thinking big all day. We have these posters in red we put around the walls. One says, “Fortune favors the bold.” Another says, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” That question echoes Barnard alum Anna Quindlen, who said that she majored in unafraid. Don’t let your fears overwhelm your desire. Let the barriers you face—and there will be barriers—be external, not internal. Fortune does favor the bold, and I promise that you will never know what you’re capable of unless you try. ~ Sheryl Sandberg

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