Teacher’s Notepad Series #1

Teachers Notepad

Here we bring you weekly links to awesome reads, interesting teacher resources, learning events, job links, as well as other useful things you can benefit from.




Want to be more creative? Get yourself some solitude. In this brilliant article by Susan Cain argues that solitude and privacy is crucial to creativity and innovation. Group work is awesome in the school and work place but there has to be room for individual study and reflection for a balanced approach towards learning.


In this article, Robert Talbert reinforces the fact that learning is more effective when is it active and one barrier we have to remove in our classroom is the threat to our students of them looking stupid.


A peek into the future… Want to learn what will be obsolete come 2021?


Teachers are not just important to raising future leaders of the country but also in improving the economy. Read the Value of  Teachers by Nicholas Kristof.


Stop telling your grade school students to focus! Use willpower instead. Read about this magic word.




Do you love history and culture? Check out this free conference on History and Culture at PUP!


Do you teach Civics and Social Sciences? Learn new and innovative ways to teach your subject!  There is this interesting seminar at DLSU- Dasmarinas this February 11.


Want to learn new ways in dealing with children with special needs? Join this national seminar on special education in Urdaneta City in March.


Indulge in the teaching and appreciation of Literature, which happens to be the theme of the 47th bi-annual ACELT Conference this February 11.


Ever wished you could run across the Metro Manila Skyway? The Condura Skyway Marathon is your chance to do so and get fit at the same time. Bonus: You help save our threatened Mangroves!


Want to learn how to appreciate poetry? Check this Poetry Appreciation Class by Designed by Words to be held this March 24.




Check out THATQUIZ!
You can create quizzes and tests with it. It’s flexible and you can easily make customized tests depending on the type of tests you want.


You can also use the preexisting quizzes available covered there: Math, Geography, Vocabulary and Science.


Create an account now and explore this tool 🙂


JOB Highlights


1. School of St. Anthony, Quezon City- Basic Education Teachers
2. Southville International School and Colleges- Basic Education Teachers
3. Pace Academy- Basic Education Teachers
4. STI Paranaque- Basic Education Teachers
5. Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy- Basic Education Teachers


VIDEO of the WEEK:


Check out this fascinating Changing Education Paradigms adapted from Sir Ken’s Robinson’s talk.


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