12 Learning Principles Super Teachers Follow

One of the more interesting topics in the recent Ed-Aksyon Congress was the challenge to be a creative and super teacher.

Super Teacher


They shared the following learning principles that Super Teachers follow.

1. Functional Participation

For learning to take place, the learner must be effectively and positively involved in the process.

2. Social Participation

Social activity and participation begins early on in life. Learning is primarily a social activity, so taking part in school activities

3. Learning with a Purpose

People become more motivated to learn better when they know that what they are doing has beneficial long term effects to others. Some school activities mean nothing to students when no effort is exerted to make the students understand the objectives of the activities.

4. Relating New Lessons to What is Already Known

New knowledge is formed on the basis of what has already been understood and believed.

5. The Strategy Game

People learn through effective and flexible strategies that help them understand, reason, memorize and solve problems.

6. Self-Regulation and Reflection

Learners must know how to plan and monitor their learning, how to set their own learning goals and how to correct errors. Studies show that students may actually be using strategies for learning unconsciously, without being fully aware of what they are doing.

7. Reforming Prior Knowledge

Sometimes prior knowledge gets in the way of learning something new. Students must learn how to solve “internal inconsistencies” and reorganize existing ideas when necessary.

8. Understanding vs. Memorizing

Learning is better facilitated when teachers use materials organized around general principles and explanations, rather than based on the memorization of isolated facts and procedures.

9. Helping Students to Transfer Learning

Learning becomes more meaningful when lessons are applied to real-life situations.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Learning is a complex mind activity that cannot be rushed. Practice, Practice.

11. Learning Preferences

Children learn best when their individual preferences are taken into consideration.

12. Motivating Learners

Learning is critically influenced by learner motivation.


Among the 12 principles, which principles of learning do you follow? How do you apply it in your own classroom?

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