TFT and the One Nation Learning Advocacy

I recently went to the One Nation Learning National Caravan. It’s an education advocacy led by Henry S. Tenedero. The themes of the caravan resonated to what this website is all about.








1. Educating for Humanity

  • Redefine education by educating the compassionate heart, not only the thinking mind. By nurturing the character, not just competency skills.
2. Communities honoring Individual Learning Diversity
  • Valuing differences and fostering in each student a sense of tolerance, respect and appreciation for human diversity.
3. Vital Role of Experience
  • Experience is dynamic and ever growing. Learning is an active, multi-sensory engagement between an individual and the real world.
4. Holistic Education
  • The educational processes should be geared towards the total transformation of the human person.
5. New Role of Educators
  • Teaching is not only an economic profession. It is a vocation requiring a blend of artistry and scientifically grounded practices.
6. Access to Education
  • Genuine education should take place in an atmosphere of freedom; freedom of inquiry, of expression and of personal growth.
7. Educating for Participatory Democracy
  • A truly democratic society is more than the “rule of majority”- it is a community in which disparate voices are heard and genuine human concerns are concerned.
8. Educating for Global Citizenship
  • Education should address global issues of young generation of all cultures.
9. Educating for Earth Literacy
  • Education must spring from a profound reverence for life. It must rekindle a relationship between the human spirit and the natural world, one that is nurturing, not exploitative.
10. Spirituality and Education
  • All peoples are spiritual beings in human form who express their individuality through their talents, abilities, intuition and intelligence.
Remember teachers, you help create the future of the nation by molding your students.
Molding the Future
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