The Many Faces of Teaching

In my fours years of teaching, I’ve come to realize that this vocation has many faces. As varied as the teacher themselves.

Teaching is a glimpse of parenthood.

Teaching is like being a schizophrenic-being the boss inside the classroom but being a friend in the hallways.

Teaching is a venue for frustrated actors and actresses who love the stage and attention.

Being a teacher is being a mentor, inspiring my students to fly and reach for their stars whereas I walk going home.

Being a teacher means I tightrope walk that fine line between what the school envisions and want the parents demand.

Being a teacher means igniting the fire within my students but being there before they get burned.

Being a teacher means equipping students with time management skills but I myself bring home an armload of test papers to check after that family dinner.

Being a teacher means challenging my students to question, wonder, and create.

Being a teacher means clapping and cheering loudly when my students win, but remaining stoic when students cheer for me all in the name of teaching modesty and humility.

Being a teacher means walking the talk. A daily moral struggle, if I may say.

Being a teacher means being that person whose love is like that of a mother/father to a child but can detach when, after another school year, the child moves away to another grade.

Being a teacher means being an observer of a child—from the day the toddler gives you a million hugs to that day that the teenager passes you by without so much as a wave or “hello”. And still being there.

Being a teacher means being that mom in “I Love You Forever”.


Finally, being a teacher means dedicating one’s life for a better society. A better Philippines. A dream that may take up more than this lifetime to actually happen.




Macy graduated from Philippine Normal University with a degree in Elementary Education. She ranked first in the 2007 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Just recently, she finished her Masters in Teaching Reading at the same university. She is currently a Reading teacher in an all-girls school. Her interests range from writing to art to politics to fashion. She believes in being an educator in the truest sense of the word and her dream teaching session is to gather her students and teach Socratic style under a mango tree.


    1. Yes, Joeyboy!

      Teaching truly rocks! We have our days. However, the momentous ones outweigh everything. Teaching is both a science and art and that is where the beauty of it comes from, as well as dealing with humanity.

  1. “Finally, being a teacher means dedicating one’s life for a better society” i really agree on this sentence,
    being an educator is not an easy thing.

    1. Yes, Joy.
      I suppose it’s safe to say teaching is the mother of all professions. However, like all things, it requires so much from us–being the moral compass of our students is just one.

  2. when my mom was alive, she was a grade school teacher in our community. i always admire her passion waking up earlier than 3 in the morning to prepare teaching stuff at the same time being a great mom to her 3 kids.

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