Kids and the Art of Blogging

As a blogger  and a technology advocate, I decided to introduce my students to the world of blogging.

It’s high time for teachers to be good friends with technology.

It has been going well and the kids enjoy the creation, editing, and feedback they get from their peers.

As they are just elementary kids, I decided not to introduce them to the awesome WordPress as they are not yet ready to be in the public limelight.

So I looked for a safe and private blogging platform.

The answer came to be:


It is a private blogging platform which allows your students to blog in a safe manner.

It gives them the opportunity to share their work and thoughts and because it can be seen by their peers, they are more careful of their work.

For teachers, this is a brilliant place to start with.

There is no registration needed. You have total control over your ‘classrooms’. You can designate groups for your different classes. You have total control over the comments so no detrimental comments can reach a student. Only constructive criticisms are welcome.

Another benefit for teachers is that you don’t have to deal with bad handwriting. It’s a chore to check work with illegible handwriting.

You also get to give feedback and they can easily edit their work after your feedback.

Another benefit is that they can continue their work at home once you give them the writing prompts from school. They can add pictures and links from the internet to enhance their blog posts.

For the teacher, you can read and check their posts at home as you enjoy a cup of coffee during your quiet times.

It’s a win-win proposition.

So head over now to and share your experiences with us.

Teach well, Live well,



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Argee Abadines
Argee Abadines is the founder and chief content engineer of this website. He is a brain based educator and his educational interests are pedagogy, higher order thinking, creativity, and educational technology. He is also the founder of Bruner Learning Hub. He currently teaches high school business studies and economics. Previously, he taught English to primary students. He reads up regularly about trends in education and online media. You can visit his personal blog at


  1. this is helpful for kids to develop their writing (english or filipino), creative and computer skills, schools should include this on their curriculum.

  2. ayos ha… bata pa lang involve na sila sa blogging ayos to…
    lalo na pag ang student mo eh, magaling magsulat…

  3. Wow, I never thought there’s a blogging platform like this.. 😀 Wish we had this when we were in school. It would’ve been more fun! ^^

  4. wow.. this is amazing.. its great for kids to learn blogging at an early age.. but still parents have to guide them even if they have websites like this

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