3 Ways to Make Extra Money Online

It is not uncommon for teachers to look for ways to augment their meager income. The common stereotype is the probinsyana teacher who sells tocino and longganisa to her students and their parents, often in exchange for a higher grade. The practice is clearly unethical. But how else can teachers and their families survive?

Thankfully, there are more options for teachers nowadays. With the birth of the internet and e-commerce, it is easier for teachers to look for sidelines that can provide them with extra income. Even better, these sidelines don’t require large sums of capital and equally large amounts of time and effort–which most of us teachers don’t have.

With ingenuity, patience and commitment, any teacher can earn money online.

3 ways teachers can earn money online:

Online Store

1. Multiply.com / ebay.phetsy.com – make money from your hobby. Whether your hobby is baking, crafts or fashion, you can find a home for your products and outputs on the web.

A friend of mine who teaches ESL English has always been a fan of arts and crafts. One day, she browsed youtube for new projects for her to do, and found a free video on how to make your own beads from clay. She bought the materials necessary and started making her own designs–mimicking cupcakes and other baked goodies for necklace pendants and bracelet charms. At first, it was just a hobby, but her friends started to take notice and would order from her.

Eventually she created a store on etsy.com and started selling there. She quickly gained popularity on the site and is now the #1 ranked Philippine seller on Etsy. Now, she sells both finished products (necklaces, earrings, rings), and also exports beads for other suppliers. She has also earned enough to put up a brick and mortar store outside her house, catering to other crafts-enthusiasts. Despite all of these, she still remains a teacher at heart, and still teaches her Korean students part-time.

online writing

2. Freelancer.com / Odesk.com – make extra money using your God given and hard-earned skills.

There are some companies that outsource their needs to freelancers in developing nations like ours. They use websites like freelancer.comodesk.com to bid out their projects and search for reliable freelance partners.

Some of the projects they outsource are simple: powerpoint presentations, article writing, and editing–tasks that teachers normally do on a daily basis at a much lesser pay.

Why not take on part-time projects on your spare time, and earn extra income–in dollars! Just make sure you build a good reputation on the site so you get to keep, and expand, your clientele base.

Your blog can serve as a platform to sell your services. Services can include freelance writing, programming, digital marketing and being a virtual assistant.  In this way, you can work literally anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. For more great content on this kind of lifestyle, you can visit thefreelanceeffect.

Monetizing your blog

3. Blogging – My cousin, Carlo Ople, makes a good amount of money just by blogging alone. His earnings from blogging has paid for his car amortizations, and even for his recent wedding! He is not alone. A lot of people are earning from writing good content online, and building a loyal audience.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. You can sell advertisement space, you can sign up for google adsense, you can sign up for affiliate marketing accounts. The key to success though is to provide great content so that readers will visit your site again and again.

Without readers, your blog will have a difficult time generating revenue. So find your niche, and get writing!

These are just some of the few ways teachers can earn money online. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It will still require effort from you, and at the start, money coming in might not be stable. But with a little bit of ingenuity, patience and commitment, you too can become one of the internet’s success stories of teachers who have made money online.

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A former English teacher at Reedley International School, Estelle is now a full-time entrepreneur. She is the owner, co-founder and managing director of Biz Whiz Business Training and Consultancy (http://www.bizwhizconsultancy.com), which provides stock market investing seminars in partnership with the Philippine Stock Exchange Market Education Department. She is also one of the entrepreneurs behind http://www.yunnoh.com, a free online community for Filipino entrepreneurs :)


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