5 Fun Ways to Engage Your Students


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How to engage students is one of the biggest challenges in teaching.

Some of my students are very frank that sometimes they just blurt out, “Teacher, that’s boring!”  (of course, they mean no harm, they are just expressing what they are feeling)

When that happens, it becomes a painful reminder for me that teaching has to be creative and fun for the students. It has to capture the hearts and minds of the students.

Here are 5 excellent ways to engage your students 🙂



Cooperative Learning

1. Allow them to bond! Social bonding is good.

That is why group collaborations and teamwork based activities get the kids excited. Just make sure the skills and content you want them to learn are infused well in the group activities.

2. Tap into their emotions.

When you capture their emotions, you effectively engage them. You can engage their positive emotions through compelling stories, role playing, debates, and games. Active learning makes learning fun and easy for the students.

Just make sure that these activities are well designed to meet the objectives of the topics.

3. Incorporate Multiple Intelligences.

Allowing a variety of activities that can tap their different intelligences provide students the avenue to show their strengths and skills. When students can demonstrate what they are good at, their self esteem improves and they can be easily engaged to learn in the classroom.

4. Role Model the Joy of Learning.

We are models for our students. We have to exhibit excitement for our subject or else our students won’t get engaged simply because we give signals that what we’re teaching is boring and that is has no value for them.

The classroom provides us the stage to be a model of learning for them. It’s time to let that actor/actress in you out. Roll Cameras!

Celebrate Success


5. Celebrate!

Each time the class achieves something or is successful in a project or activity, celebrate with them 🙂 This can include parties or simply providing the class to cheer and give high-fives to everyone. Acknowledge the contribution of the students. Give them awards and recognition.



A class that has an atmosphere of success can help trigger endorphin releases in the students which boosts their motivation and attitude towards learning.


There you go, 5 excellent ways to Engage your students.

Teachers, what are the strategies or principles that you use to engage your students? Share them in the comments below.

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