Teachers Love Fridays! #1


Every Friday, we post here awesome online resources as well as upcoming seminars and events! 🙂


1. Want your kids to improve their vocabulary, grammar and spelling AND at the same time help end WORLD HUNGER? Then have them play Freerice. Bonus! They can also learn math and social studies there. Have them compete with each other as there are rankings! 🙂

Visit this awesome learning tool.

2. CHRDF or the Center for Human Research and Development Foundation has upcoming Seminar Workshops this coming July and August.

Here are some seminar workshops that piqued my interest.

  • For aspiring textbook writers and teachers who do the modular approach!

Their workshop is called Instructional Materials Writing to be held on July 26-27.

  • Do you know how to make questions? Master the art of questioning and the kids will learn easier. The UBD framework will challenge your skill in questioning.

Their workshop is called Tests Constructions: How better questioning leads to improved learning to be held on July 30.

  • Reading is among the top 3 skills students should master. Learning other subjects hinges on the kid’s ability to read. That’s why it’s very important to detect and fix reading problems in the early years of a child.

Their workshop is called Reading Remediation to be held on August 6.

Get all the details of their upcoming workshops here.

3) Are you a Constructivist Teacher? Do you enjoy having your kids do projects instead of pen and paper exercises? Do you want to integrate technology in your classroom? Do you want to learn the project approach method?

Visit CreativeEducator and read their past magazine publications to learn more on these topics.


That’s it for our first TLF!

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Happy Weekend! 🙂


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