Back to School Dress Code

The much-awaited summer vacation for teachers is almost over. As a teacher and fashionista at the same time, I always have a hard time keeping away my short shorts and miniskirts that I use in the beach and bring them out only during the weekends. Once again, I will have to include my uniform back to the most worn section of my closet. My old plain uniform – the June to March dress code.

Aside from my personal struggles in wearing the uniform again, it’s also time to listen to in-service training seminars, hit deadlines for lesson plans, plan classroom decorations, and many more things to do. Preparing for the coming school year is, indeed, exciting yet taxing. With all these preparations, have we forgotten one important aspect in which we must also be giving much attention to?


We, teachers, are what parents and students look forward to seeing in the school opening. I’m sure you and I wouldn’t dare to look like this when we present ourselves to the parents and their children.

“First impressions last.”

This old adage IS applicable to us teachers on the first day of school. During orientations, I make sure that parents and students will have a good impression on me as I present myself to them for the first time. There are three things that I – and you should– always consider when dressing for make-or-break event. These are being professional, being simple and being welcoming. Think of it this way. It’s like attending that nerve-racking job interview and you have to please the employer to hire you or meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

Here are some helpful things to consider:
– Wear appropriate attire. (This may be your uniform.)
– Make sure your hair is neatly fixed.
– Go ahead. Put on a little make-up. (For women only.)
– Wear comfortable shoes. (This is really important especially if you are teaching in the lower grades.)
– Welcome everyone with a smile 🙂
– Just relax. Things will go on smoothly if you are not nervous.

Keeping these things in mind, there is one last thing that I would like to share to you as you step on the platform of your classroom:

“We will once again unveil heartwarming experiences with our new set of dear students as we wear our uniforms back to school. In fact, our uniforms help students recognize that we are their teachers.”

Welcome back to school, fellow teachers!

Phoebe is a Sunday school and preschool teacher. She finished her Master of Arts in Teaching Reading at Philippine Normal University. Aside from being an educator, she also loves to write and explore the fashion world.


  1. Being a student almost my whole life, I actually haven’t put much thought on how teachers are a lot busier than students.. haha.. We always think that we have to meet deadlines for countless projects, but teachers endure even more! And you guys have to read and grade all our papers and works pa! Anyway, when it comes to teachers’ outfits, I admire those who looks fashionable yet still very professional, sophisticated and age appropriate.. XD I remember I have a prof who sports sexy attires which are so distractive.

  2. The only time that I saw my professors in uniform was when in studied in a traditional school.. Oh and when i went to college in UP Diliman. My teachers there had no specific dress code. 🙂

  3. Very important to dress to impress (and sometimes dress to intimidate, hehe), and I agree with Sumi — to dress like a professional, and not overdo it (nor underdo). 😉

  4. I s that you in the photo? My teachers are always dressed well, in uniform and casual and it does help really with impression, how they carry themselves no? SAka hindi pasexy hihihi

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