The Effective Teacher is a Warm Demander

I was reading up on Effective Teachers and came across an interesting concept, the concept of a warm demander.

Basically an effective teacher is a warm demander.  In a nutshell, it means being nice yet strict at the same time.

So how do you go about becoming a warm demander?

warm demander

You have to authentically care about your students, hold them to high expectations and be firm with your rules and how you deal with them on a daily basis.

I reflected on this concept and I realized that I haven’t quite reached that level of being a warm demander. For most part, I was simply warm and that is a blueprint to get abused by my students and to have classroom management challenges.

As I matured in the teaching profession, I built up my ‘demander’ side while maintaining my warmth.

By a demander means keeping your word in what you say to the students, i.e following up with consequences to breaking of school rules and to push them to their best versions in your class.

I will reading up more on this and will be coming up with a short ebook on this interesting topic.

Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategy: Pairs Compare

Pairs Compare is another easy to use Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategy.

First you have to have your students work in pairs.

You then give a question that is open-ended, one that has many possible answers.

Give them a time limit as the partners take turns in generating a response to the question.

After the time limit, it’s time for the pair to seek another pair and work with them.

The 2 pairs will take turns in reading out their answers. If they have similar answers, it gets checked off. If it is a different answer, the pair that is listening adds it to their list.

The last part is when both pairs start generating new answers and recording them on their pair list.

I tried this strategy in my economics class. My key question was: How to reduce extreme poverty?

Below are some pictures of their output 🙂

Pairs Compare

Pairs Compare

Kagan Pairs Compare

Kagan Pairs Compare

It may take a while for them to master these structures but  if you keep at it and keep modeling how it’s done, it can be a very effective cooperative learning strategy.

Have you tried this strategy? Share them in the comments below 🙂

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